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A Brief History of The Herb Garden...

I was exposed to herbs growing up in a household with a Scottish father and grandparents, where herbs such as chives, oregano, parsley and garlic were often used. While at a nursery in Miami, back in 1970, I was looking for some ornamental plants to landscape my newly purchased home and noticed a few herb plants there. There were only about five or six of them, but it was the first time I actually saw a live herb plant. I bought them all and started my first herb garden.

My interest in herbs was furthered in 1970 when the second issue of "The Mother Earth News" img_coverMENcame out featuring articles on getting back to the land as well as herb gardening. I was soon growing more and more herbs and at first, was interested in their culinary uses. Influenced so strongly by that issue of The Mother Earth News, I sold my home in Miami and moved to north Florida on five acres of land, expanding my herb garden as well as my knowledge of herbs.(Read Article)



In 1976 I went to Europe in the Army,toggle_img_army spent three years traveling and then decided to move there. During the following few years in Europe, I spent many hours working in the community gardens and was always impressed with their use of herbs. It was during a trip to Amsterdam that I visited a small spice shop and was amazed at the smells, textures and the varieties of herbs, teas and spices. I knew at that time I would come home to further my education in Horticulture and expand my interest in herbs.



Having obtained my degree, I managed a nursery in Gainesville, Florida for 6 years and by the time my daughter Molly was born the decision was made to start The Herb Garden and grow herbs full-time. In 1989, The Herb Garden sprouted in the backyard of our new home in Melrose, Florida with four benches of potted herbs and several 5' x15' beds for fresh cut herbs. Today, 20 years later, The Herb garden is on an acre of land, once a cow pasture and now a lush garden, landscaped with bamboo and an assortment of trees, vines and herbs.

Over the years my interest was directed toward medicinal herbs and their uses. With two children now, my daughter Molly and son Ben, I wanted to provide safe and effective herbal home care for them and learned to make salves, cough syrups, ear drops, etc. Watching the effectiveness of these preparations continued to confirm my belief in the overall usefullness of herbs.I began teaching and sharing my knowledge of herbs and herb growing with others through Community Education programs and speaking engagements throughout the area. In 1998 I was invited to make my herbal preparations on the America's Health Network television series filmed live from Universal Studios in Orlando. See video excerpt...

The Herb Garden has come to be recognized as img_herbsAndspicesa leading source for quality herbs and herbal information and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, television shows and is featured in the popular book
"Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens".

The Herb Garden has been serving the area of North Central Florida with herbs since 1989 and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm of herbs with you. Please stop in and say hello....