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Spring Tips...

Spring is is always a welcome friend after the often cold, cloudy days of winter. It is time to meet the Spring with some rejuvinating preparations for your Herb garden. Let's look at some tips...

  • Add compost to the Soil

One of the best things you can do for your garden is to amend the soil with some compost. This will create a wonderful living sponge that will hold moisture and fertilizer to be taken up by the plant, as well as facilitate deeper root penetration. If you haven't already done this in late winter, it is time now.

  • Add more organic fertilizers.

As the weather gradually warms, bacteria start breaking down fertilizers to be taken up during Spring rains. Now is definitely time to make sure the new growth and new energy of your herbs is accompanied with proper nutrition. Organic fertilizers provide the steady nutrition herbs like.

  • Use drip or soaker hose irrigation

Spring will bring us some showers but be prepared to get ready for the coming dry spells. Set up your drip or soaker hose irrigation now.

  • Seeding and Cuttings

If you haven't already started cuttings from your perennials( remember fall tips ? ) you may have to wait until new growth gradually becomes abundant, but for annuals, sow, sow sow!

  • Avg Springr Low Temp ( Mar - Jun ) 51 - 68
    Avg Spring High Temp ( Mar - Jun ) 75 - 89


Welcome to The Herb Garden
Today is Thursday, June 14, 2012.

The Herb Garden is an herb nursery specializing in Culinary  herbs suited for the climate of Florida. While we do carry limited medicinal herbs as well as ornamental herbs, our focus is on the culinary herbs.  All our herbs are grown on premises using sustainable practices, natural fertilizers and  environmentally safe, non-toxic sprays, when necessary.

The Herb Garden

Located in Melrose, The Herb Garden has been supplying herbs to 'north central' Florida since 1989. As a wholesale supplier, our herbs were found at all the major retail nurseries from Jacksonville, Ocala and Gainesville and now, with our focus on sustainable agriculture and the local food community, you can find our herbs at the Downtown Union Street Farmer's Market in Gainesville.  In our support of local, sustainable agriculture The Herb Garden is a proud member of Gainesville Farm Fresh and the Farm Fresh Community Market.

Business hours are:

****The Herb Garden will be temporarily closed until mid-summer. New hours will be scheduled to work around my new position as Produce Manager for Citizen's Co-op in Gainesville, Florida. Sorry for any inconvenience, however you can still find my herbs at the Downtown Union Street Farmer's Market in Gainesville.****








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